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7th International Workshop for African Archaeobotany

Vienna, 2 – 5 July 2012

The 7th International Workshop for African Archaeobotany will be organised at Vienna University by VIAS-Archaeobotany and will be hosted by the Department of African Studies. All scholars working in the field of African archaeobotany and in related areas are invited.

The first International Workshop for African Archaeobotany was organised by Krystyna Wasylikowa and was held at Krakow in 1994. It reflected the growing interest in the origin and distribution of African crop plants as well as an ever increasing emphasis on African economic and social history. The primary focus of research and discussion has been on plant macro remains, i.e. fruits and seeds and their utilisation by man, but has been extended to other fields such as environmental reconstruction, ethnological and linguistic studies. Workshops have been held regularly every three years and these have become important occasions where data and knowledge are exchanged on a wide range of topics.

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